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Men and women, as well as organizations, are evolving in the face of complex situations and a large range of opportunities. The potential of each individual, in other words the release of full abilities, is a powerful resource.


Our core business is the support of individuals in their self-development and organizations in the development of their efficiency and their employees. Concretely, we support our clients in the definition of a specific objective and we offer a personalized service in order to provide the means to achieve their objective.


we guide to deep self-awareness, values and abilities.


we propose personalized support based on a specific objective defined together.


we work for the evolution, the change and the renewal.


we offer a self-expression space, trust, confidentiality and benevolence.


we guarantee the respect of the deep nature of each individual without judgement.


we trust in the power of collective intelligence.


we carry out our business with passion and inspiration.


we support implementation by our clients.

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You want to develop your full potential, or that of your employees, go into action, initiate a personal or professional change.

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You want to improve or regain your daily well-being, a more serene life when facing complex or stressful situations, management of your emotions and feelings, to prepare yourself for a new challenge or event.

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You want to enrich your and your employees’ skills. We offer our expertise in learning, leadership, management, team management and cohesion.

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Workshop « Develop your self- confidence » – 19/03/2022 —

Workshop « Develop your self- confidence » – 19/03/2022 —

Workshop « Develop your self- confidence » Have you already thought: “ I will never manage, I am…
Weekly sophrology classes from January 2022

Weekly sophrology classes from January 2022

What about discovering sophrology ! This practice combines controlled breathing, muscle relaxation and positive visualizations. Don’t wait anymore…
Workshop « Develop your self- confidence » - 22/01/2022

Workshop « Develop your self- confidence » - 22/01/2022

Workshop « Develop your self- confidence » Have you already thought: “ I will never manage, I am…

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Lydie is an extraordinary coach. In a period of great turmoil in my life, she allows me to clarify my situation in order for me to choose the life path that fits me the most. In four sessions, I have taken really important decisions thanks to her support. Today, one year later, I can only thank her. My life is completely corresponding to who I am really. I feel HAPPY! Lydie is a coach who listens carefully, with benevolence. She allows a questioning with exercises implemented during the sessions as well as between each coaching session. She is available and very competent.

Sabrina, 40 years old

When I met Lydie I was in a questioning phase about my professional aspirations and a potential job change. Lydie very quickly understood my doubts and captured my unconscious questions. The awareness of the limiting ideas and beliefs allow me to clarify my decision.

Isabel, 40 years old

I have been coached by Lydie during some coaching sessions and I was impressed by the power and the fastness of the results thanks to her support. It is true that I feel very quickly at ease with Lydie. She knows how to listen carefully and she finds the right words to identify my weaknesses and transform them into strengths using short practical exercises. I really thank her for her benevolence and her communicative joy of living.

Valérie, 46 years old

The coaching sessions with Lydie aimed to facilitate Gabriel’s concentration during his homework and to develop his self-confidence. The sessions allows Gabriel to become aware of his successes and at the same time to increase his confidence in his abilities. Since that, the homeworking are realized with more serenity.

Gabriel, 7 years old, testimony of his mother

Sometimes, we are full of anxieties and fears that we strive to bury them deeply within ourselves creating tensions in our body. Lydie taught and brought me a lot during the sophrology sessions. She calmed down my body and mind, she learned me again to breath, because yes, knowing how to breath properly is not innate. She offered me moments of calm and internal peace. Thanks to her and her sessions, I managed to go forward and I will never thank her enough.

Amandine, 32 years old

The sophrology sessions with Lydie were a source of relaxation, which is not an easy action for me. The tools shared allowed me to move towards to my goal and to be able to reach it. The work done during the supporting program brought me keys to move forward in my life and get back the serenity I need. Lydie brought me the light in the shadow. I manage to change my point of view concerning my difficulties. Lydie listens with attention and gives good advices.

Pauline, 26 years old

The moments with Lydie during the sophrology sessions brought me more serenity, calm and power to move forward in my life. I am really less stressed and I have regain self-confidence. Lydie listens carefully and is very gentle.

Catherine, 61 years old

I really enjoyed the Sophrology group sessions in our company with Lydie. For a non-sporty person like me, Lydie showed us easy to practice techniques which do not require specific skills. I also appreciate to practice the sessions only with a chair or a Yoga mat, without any particular or expensive material. This allows me to easily incorporate what I learned in my daily life, for instance the breathing lessons. I often use the techniques I’ve learnt with Lydie to reduce stress and cope with difficult situations, both at work and privately.

Andrea, financial company in Luxembourg