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« Together, release your potential ! »


Men and women, as well as organizations, are evolving in the face of complex situations and a large range of opportunities. The potential of each individual, in other words the release of full abilities, is a powerful resource. Our aim is to contribute in the consciousness of this full potential and its expression. #Potential

Potentia trusts in collective intelligence. As a system, people, sharing together, develop ideas, build projects and achieve their individual and collective ambitions with strength and durability. #Collectiveintelligence

Our approach is based on free self-expression for a person as well as a professional, an individual as well as a collective, construction and evolution. It is fed by fundamental values. #Liberty


Our core business is the support of individuals in their self-development and organizations in the development of their efficiency and their employees. Concretely, we support our clients in the definition of a specific objective and we offer a personalized service in order to provide the means to achieve their objective.


we guide to deep self-awareness, values and abilities.


we propose personalized support based on a specific objective defined together.


we work for the evolution, the change and the renewal.


we offer a self-expression space, trust, confidentiality and benevolence.


we guarantee the respect of the deep nature of each individual without judgement.


we trust in the power of collective intelligence.


we carry out our business with passion and inspiration.


we support implementation by our clients.

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You want to develop your full potential, or that of your employees, go into action, initiate a personal or professional change.

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You want to improve or regain your daily well-being, a more serene life when facing complex or stressful situations, management of your emotions and feelings, to prepare yourself for a new challenge or event.

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You want to enrich your and your employees’ skills. We offer our expertise in learning, leadership, management, team management and cohesion.

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Lydie Freitas

Expert in professional learning and development, I have 15 years experience in management in an international financial company. My career offered me the opportunity to experiment in the field of team management and cohesion, organisational and operational changes, as well as talent development. At an inpoint of my career that some people defined as “fast-growing”, I took a step back to become aware of who I am, my skills, capabilities, achievements, and the professional and personal path that I want to follow for myself and to serve others.