Boosting self-confidence Episode 2: “Yes to “small” wins”

Boosting self-confidence Episode 2: “Yes to “small” wins”

🤔 I often hear the people I accompany talking to me about a goal, the objective they want to achieve, but also about the shortness of breath over time on the way to this objective, then sometimes doubts or giving up .

💪 So how to keep motivation and self-confidence in this quest for achievement?

🏆Tip:“Celebrate the “small” wins”

Before reaching your dream or the objective you have set for yourself, you carry out daily actions that end to end draw your way towards this objective:

🏅 Become aware of your achievements, especially your “small” achievements

🏅 Consider them as wins

🏅 Congratulate yourself on your wins

🏅 Remember: “patience, perseverance and “small” wins” will lead you to achieve your objectives, your dreams

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