International Women's Day: Why a post?

International Women's Day: Why a post?

👏 To say CONGRATULATIONS to all the women that I have accompanied, I accompany and I will accompany in their development.

All these women aware of what make sense for them in their professional and personal life.

Who every day:
🌼 act for their rights,
🌼 have fun,
🌼 are real role models for those around them
🌼 despite the difficulties find help and resources to move forward step by step every day
🌼 fall and get up
🌼 do not forget oneself

Congratulate yourself on who you are and what you will be tomorrow!

To say THANK YOU to everyone who:
🌼 support these women with one word, a gesture, a smile or simply a presence
🌼 respect them
🌼 recognized their rights, abilities and skills
🌼 participate in their development day after day

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