Workshop « Develop your self- confidence » – 19/03/2022 —

Workshop « Develop your self- confidence » – 19/03/2022 —
Workshop « Develop your self- confidence » Have you already thought: “ I will never manage, I am not able, I am not strong enough,…” Or have you ever heard: “ but you should be self- confident! Be confident!” either for others or from your little voice inside. To start the year with confidence, Potentia offers a workshop “ Develop your self-confidence” This workshop will enable you to take some time just for yourself and to stimulate your self-confidence It is composed of:
  • theory to raise consciousness, develop confidence, and make it your best asset
  • individual and group practice in a fun and interactive way
  • sophrology exercises to boost confidence

The workshop will take place on Saturday March 19th, from 10h to 12h30 in Kanfen ( 3km from Dudelange), for a price of 50€/person, in French.

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